Georges Declercq

Georges Declercq studied history at the Universiteit Gent where he obtained his Ph.D. in 1993. Since 1996 he teaches medieval history at the VUB. He is mainly interested in the early and high Middle Ages. He researched the County of Flanders, de early history of Ghent and aspects of medieval writings and chronology.

CORe publicatiONs

  • Georges Declercq, 'Entre mémoire dynastique et représentation politique. Les sépultures des comtes et comtesses de Flandre (879-1128)', in: Michel Margue (ed.), Sépultures, mort et représentation du pouvoir au Moyen Âge/Tod, Grabmal und Herrschaftsrepräsentation im Mittelalter (Luxemburg: La Section Historique de l'Institut Grand-Ducal de Luxembourg, 2006) 321-372.
  • Georges Declercq, 'Comment on ‘How Science Survived: Medieval Manuscripts’ Demography and Classic Texts’ Extinction', Science 310 (2005) 1618b.
  • Georges Declercq, Anno Domini. The Origins of the Christian Era (Turnhout: Brepols, 2000).


Topics for Bachelor's paper or Master's thesis

  • Political, socio-economic history of the Middle Ages
  • Verschriftelijking
  • Auxiliary sciences
  • History of the church
  • Medieval sources


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