Piet Van De Craen

Department of Linguistics (TALK)

Piet Van De Craen studied Germanic languages and neuro-linguistics. In his Ph.D. thesis he stressed the interactive aspects of discursive analysis, pleading for the analysis of language that is based on a hermeneutic approach (as opposed to the then dominant approach of Chomsky). He applied this theory onto three fields: 1) the level of theoretical linguistics, 2) the level of multilingual research, and 3) the level of discursive analysis with particular reference to particles.
Van De Craen is a full-time professor at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel, teaching Dutch linguistics and general linguistics. He directs a great number of Master dissertations dealing with the above mentioned fields. Since 1997, he is the secretary of the European Language Council, and in 2003 he became vice president of the Association belge de Linguistique Appliquée. He is a member of the Linguistics Committee of the (Nationaal) Fonds voor Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek. As a member of FOST, he is supervisor of the Ph.D. thesis of Steven Van den Berghe.