Ignace Glorieux

Department of Sociology (SOCI)

Ignace Glorieux is professor of sociology at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Faculty economic, political and social sciences and Solvay Business School. He is also a member of the research team TOR.
As a lecturer he addresses questions on social inequality, methodology, sociological theories, cultural politics and sociology of time and time use. The last-mentioned is also his main research topic. He investigates the use of time in Flanders and in Belgium, using data provided by the Nationaal Instituut voor de Statistiek.
He is involved in a longitudinal study on the transition from school to job (SONAR). He is a board member of the International Association for Time Use Research (IATUR), he is a member of the European Research Network on Transitions in Youth (TIY) and he is one of the experts that supervise the European Time Use Research Program (EUROSTAT). On top of that he is president of the Vlaamse Vereniging voor Sociologie (VVS), vice president of the Interuniversitair Steunpunt Werkgelegenheid, Arbeid en Vorming (WAV) and he is linked to the interuniversity center Re-creatief Vlaanderen as a co supervisor. As a member of FOST, he is supervisor of the Ph.D. thesis of Inge Mestdag.