Food links

A selection of web pages related to food history

These web pages were collected by the students of the Master in European Integration and Development (Vrije Universiteit Brussel), for the course European Mentalities and Cultures in Historical and Comparative Perspective (lectured by Peter Scholliers). Students started collecting in January 2003. These pages are permanently modified by the members of FOST and by the (new) students.

Special thanks to :

T. Ariko, D. Berge, R. Baroud, J. Boka, S. Brozek, N. Chankisjijeva, M. Chmielecka, D. Cai, B. Coene, J. Dalle, P. di Meo, L. Draszcyk, G.P. Erkem, E. Guijarro, S. Iorga, F. Kämpfe, A. Kreutzträger, J. Kubatova, K. Kuusk, N. Li, P. Li, M.Majewski, S. Ohakas, N. Rega, S.Rogowski, K. Rosskopf, J. Rungevica,R. Sah, Y. Sakaedani, K. Susi, A. Sokolova, T.J. Tebinka, I. Turpcu, S. Turung, U. Uras, M. Wetphal, F. Wille