Dries Tys

Department of Archaeology and Art History (SKAR)

Dries Tys obtained a Master's degree in Archaeology in 1994 and a Master's degree in (Medieval) History in 1996 (Universiteit Gent). In 1997, he became a researcher at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel, where he obtained his Ph.D. in History in 2003 with a dissertation on landscapes as material culture. In his research, he focusses on how to approach space and landscape as manifestations of material culture. People's worldview and their spatial behavior influence space in a way that material landscapes occur. These have an active influence on people's perception of space and, therefore, on their spatial behavior. This can be applied on medieval coastal landscapes, as well as on contemporary allotments, where people create microlandscapes on the city border.
Furthermore, he investigates the material culture of maritime communities, especially fishing villages. Starting from his experience on setting up the archaeological museum on the fishing village Walraversyde, he is also interested in the (problematic) relationship between research, heritage and identity. As a member of FOST, he is supervisor of the Ph.D. thesis of Nelleke Teughels.