Research team

The ECHE research team includes core research members and associate researchers. 

Core research members

The ECHE core research team consists of professors and PhD researchers from the Department of Educational Sciences, Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences at VUB.

Associate research members

The ECHE associate research members are international experts in different areas of higher education:  

  • Prof. dr. Yuzhuo Cai, Chinese Education Research & Exchange Center, UTA
  • Dr. Kai Yu, Graduate School of Education, Shanghai Jiao Tong University
  • Dr. Ningning Zhao, Associate Professor, Beijing Normal University
  • Dr. Guoyuan Sang, Associate Professor, Beijing Normal University
  • Prof. Dr. Chunli Zhang, Professor, Faculty of Education, Beijing Normal University
  • Dr. Jo Tondeur, Post-doctoral researcher, Flemish Research Foundation & Ghent University
  • Ms. Queenie Lam, Project Officer, Academic Cooperation Association (ACA).