Chairman: prof. dr. Yvan Vandenplas -

Second contact: dr. Jutte Van der Werff ten Bosch –


·          Pediatric pneumology: Epidemiology/microbiology in otherwise healthy children (CAP and persistent wheezing, CAP complicated with empyema) and in CF-patients (Biofilm formation, S. aureus, Burkholderia cepacia, respiratory viruses), Immunological response (Pertussis and Tuberculosis), new diagnostics in CF (Nasal potential differentials), new treatments in CF, and pharmacological studies (asthma medication, CF new treatments, evaluation of vaccines), and participation in several multicentric studies (infectiology, CF)

·          Pediatric gastroenterology: Milk allergy, Gastro-oesophageal reflux and Crohn’s disease

·          Pediatric hematology-oncology and immunology : Cooperation in international intervention studies in Childhood cancers, studies concerning supportive care aspects in Childhood cancer, studies in a coagulation disorders, Immunoglobulin substitution therapy phase II trial, cooperation with several international partners for patient based reseach in primairy immunodeficiencies, defects in the innate immune system, management of invasive fungal infections.

·          Deontology & Ethics. Deontological, ethical and legal implications of the care for minors.

·          Pediatric nefrology: The study for "Aliskeren" in pediatric patiënts with hypertension.

·          Neonatology: cooperation in multicentre interventional randomized controlled studies (e.g. SToP-BPD trial), cooperation with international studies on pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of drugs in newborn infants (e.g. Pharmacool study), involvement in the international Cochrane Collaboration (meta-analysis, individual patient data meta-analysis)

·          Pediatric endocrinology: Our research team actually focuses on the following topics: the effect of growth hormone treatment in children with short stature, long term effects of childhood diabetes, obesity and anorexia nervosa, impact of newest insulins and newest technologies such as insulin pumps / CGMs in type 1 childhood diabetes, the outcome of precocious puberty treatment , disorders of bone mineralization in children, prevention of infertility, such as in Klinefelter patients and oncological patients (in close collaboration with BITE  - and outcome of testosteron substitution therapy