Project description

This project about intercultural communication deals with communicative situations in which nursing and/or administrative staff members interact with foreign-language speaking patients in hospitals in Brussels. The aims are to identify the problems that arise during such interactions and to examine how such communication could be improved.

In Brussels' healthcare, social inequality is often related to language competencies of patients and health care providers. For those who do not speak French, Dutch or another common language such as English, access to and quality of health care is often low. The goal of this project is to investigate how communication with foreign language speakers in hospitals in Brussels can be improved. Special attention will be devoted to the use of medical jargon and terminology.

This project is a collaborative research effort in which CVC focuses on verbal interactions, whereas Termisti (Haute École de Bruxelles) looks at written communication. The results of both studies will be exchanged between the two research centres and will form the basis of several other research outcomes, such as the development of a platform providing guidelines and tools to better support intercultural communication in health care. A multilingual terminological database of medical expressions and terminology will also be accessible via this platform.


  • CVC (Eramushogeschool Brussel)
  • Termisti (Haute École de Bruxelles)


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