Jiao Yu

Yu Jiao is a PhD student working at CEMESO of VUB. Prior to her PhD study, she obtained the degrees of MSc. of Business Economics in Solvay Business Schools (VUB & ULB), following the bachelor degree of Industrial Engineering in Yanshan University and Erasmus Mundas exchange in the postgraduate programme of Investing in the EU in VUB.  Combining the interdisciplinary background and her personal interest in communication studies, cultural and creative industries have become her study subject at doctoral level. Her current research, under the supervision of Professor Katia Segers, focuses on the business aspects of derivative work in cultural and creative industries both in the European market and the Chinese market. 

Thematic areas: cultural and creative industries - derivative work -  business models - export of cultural goods

Methodological expertise: qualitative and quantitative research (including in-depth interviews, quantitative surveys, case study) - comparative research


Contact: Yu.Jiao@vub.ac.be

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