New Book: ‘Communicatie Troef! Doeltreffend communiceren in en door zorgorganisaties’ (in Dutch)



The book ‘Communicatie Troef! Doeltreffend communiceren in en door zorgorganisaties’ has been newly published. Edgard Eeckman and Petra Van San are the co-editors and two of twenty-one authors of this book.

Nowadays healthcare, healthcare organizations and caretakers are facing major challenges.  This calls for a different communication approach. Healthcare organizations have to consider and deploy communication as a strategic management tool. This is not any more a matter of choice. Today’s communication environment emposes a different and more pro-active internal and external communication approach. Patients also require open communication and participation in their own care process. This book covers the basics of effective (strategic) communications in and by health organizations. Based on research conducted specifically for this book, it provides expertise for the decision-makers and communication managers in a wide range of health organizations.

About the authors

Edgard Eeckman is a doctoral researcher at the research group CEMESO (Culture, Emancipation, Media & Society) at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel while he serves as communication manager and spokesperson of the UZ Brussel, the university hospital of Vrije Universiteit Brussel.

Petra Van San is the former head of corporate and internal communication at the VRT (Flemish Radio and Television Broadcasting Organization). Since 2012, she has started to work at the UZ Brussel, where she is responsible for internal communication.

This book is published by LannooCampus. You can purchase it here.


Paper “WhatsUpp? Kinderen over media-opvoeding in een veranderende media-en thuisomgeving” (in Dutch) available via 


Lien Mostmans looks into the topic of Internet mediation in a changing media and home environment. Based on children’s perspectives, this article presents mediation as an opportunity to discover and learn together, and provides researchers and policy makers with a sophisticated understanding of the everyday mediation practices and needs of families. The full article is published on (the Flemish Centre for Media Literacy) and can be found here.



New Book: ‘Digital Broadcasting: An Introduction to New Media’


The newly released book ‘Digital Broadcasting-An Introduction to New Media’ is co-written by Jo Pierson and Joke Bauwens.

This book presents an introduction to how the classic notion of ‘broadcasting’ has evolved and is being reinterpreted in an age of digitization and convergence. The book argues that ‘digital broadcasting’ is not a contradiction in terms, but – on the contrary – both terms presuppose and need each other. Drawing upon an interdisciplinary and international field of research and theory, it looks at current developments in television and radio broadcasting on the level of regulation and policy, industries and economics, production and content, and audience and consumption practices.

About the authors

Jo Pierson, Senior Lecturer at the Department of Media and Communication Studies at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel, is Senior Researcher and staff member at the research centre iMinds-SMIT (Studies on Media, Information and Telecommunication) since 1996. His research and teaching focuses on datafication, privacy, surveillance, and user (dis)empowerment in internet and audio-visual media.

Joke Bauwens is Senior Lecturer at the Department of Media and Communication Studies at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel and Director of the research group CEMESO (Culture, Emancipation, Media & Society) at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel. Drawing upon media-sociological, media-theoretical and media-philosophical approaches, her research interest and expertise cover the social and moral aspects of media production and use.

This book will be published by Bloomsbury Publishing on 18th June 2015. You can pre-order it here.


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