Bauwens Joke

Joke Bauwens (PhD Social Sciences – Communication Studies, 2003) heads the research center for Culture, Emancipation, Media and Society (CEMESO) since 2014. She is senior lecturer at the Department of Communication Studies at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (Free University Brussels). She teaches bachelor and master courses on media sociology, research methodology and media and culture. Drawing upon media-sociological, media-theoretical and media-philosophical approaches, her research interest and expertise cover the social and moral consequences of digital and virtual media cultures. More particularly, her research and publications examine young people’s engagement with media, the relation between online media and morality, and the digitization of media and culture (e.g. broadcasting). She is also one of the Belgian team members of the EU Kids Online research network.

Thematic areas: young people, media and culture  – media literacy and media education  –  media, culture and identity – media, culture and social inequality

Methodological expertise: audience studies (qualitative and quantitative) – analysis of media texts (qualitative and quantitative)



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