Reynders Dirk

Dirk Reynders graduated from the Vrije Universiteit Brussel as PhD in Communication Studies, option Visual Communication. In addition to his doctoral degree, he studied Film Studies and Visual Culture at the University of Antwerp, Queer Studies at The University of Manchester and Fashion Photography at The University of Arts in London. His research interests are performance studies, media, advertising, photography, fashion, trends and gender and queer studies.

At the moment he is part time lecturer Media Studies and Photo theory at the Maastricht Academy of Media, Arts, Design and Technology (MADT-Zuyd University) and at the Media, Arts & Design Faculty (Catholic University College). He teaching courses related to visual communication and photography. He is also a guest professor at Saint Lukas Antwerp (KdG) teaching Media Experiency and Contemporary Visual Culture, at The Royal Academy of Arts Antwerp and at the University of California.

He is currently working on a postdoc project (VUB/CEMESO/MAD-faculty/CU-New York, MADT Maastricht) on visual communication, fashion, gender identity and urban studies. 

Thematic areas: visual communication – cultural studies – narratology – fashion studies – gender studies – male studies – visual culture – media, culture and identity

Methodological expertise: visual semiotics



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