Mission Statement

Research at CEMESO is inspired by a critical interest in the role of media and culture in social life. The production, distribution and appropriation of symbolic resources, whether it be in a technological, artistic, material, bodily, didactical or discursive way, make up CEMESO’s research field. From these perspectives, CEMESO investigates how media and culture contribute to the construction, reproduction, negotiation and contestation of meanings in social life. CEMESO is involved in both academic and action research projects that contribute to human emancipation and to sustainable forms of empowerment, fairness, diversity and democracy. Through its research and engagement, CEMESO articulates a social commentary on media and culture in contemporary society.


Issues that are central in the construction of the CEMESO research:

  •  the media’s influence on the construction and circulation of symbolic meanings, ideas, narratives, representations and discourses;
  •  the media’s role in the way people make sense of their social lives and identities;
  •  how individuals and communities make use of the media to give meaning to themselves and others;
  • how other institutions, such as politics, education, industry use the media to establish their role in society;
  • the way in which media are shaped by and contribute to the reproduction of social institutions and social relations

Research at CEMESO is concentrated on the following thematic areas:

  • young people, media and culture
  • media literacy and media education
  • media, culture and social inequality 
  • cultural industries and policies
  • media, culture and identity
  • artistic research
  • international perspectives on media and culture
  • journalism studies 


Director: Prof. Dr. Joke Bauwens

Research Manager: Prof. Dr. Pascal Verhoest

Co-director: Prof. Dr. Katia Segers