Dave De ruysscher

Dave De ruysscher (MA, LLM, PhD) is legal historian and lawyer. He publishes on the history of commercial and contract law until the present day. The focus of his research is on early-modern commercial law, in particular on commercial paper (e.g. bills of exchange), marine insurance, partnership (companies) and bankruptcy. As of 2010, he is appointed lecturer at the Department of Interdisciplinary Legal Studies (Faculty of Law and Criminology) of the VUB. He is also part-time postdoctoral researcher of the Fund of Scientific Research – Flanders, at the University of Antwerp.

Core Publications

  • DE RUYSSCHER, D., “Van kade naar stadhuis. Informatieuitwisseling, fraudebestrijding en gereglementeerde innovatie in Antwerpse zeeverzekeringen (ca. 1550-ca. 1700)”, Tijdschrift voor Geschiedenis 125/3 (2012), 367-383.
  • DE RUYSSCHER, D., “From Usages of Merchants to Default Rules: Practices of Trade, Ius Commune and Urban Law in Early Modern Antwerp”, The Journal of Legal History 33/1 (2012), 3-29.
  • DE RUYSSCHER, D., “Antwerp commercial legislation in Amsterdam in the 17th century. Legal transplant or jumping board?”, The Legal History Review (Tijdschrift voor Rechtsgeschiedenis) 77 (2009), 459-479. 



  • Historical introduction to law (undergraduate)
  • Legal history (optional course, graduate level)