Ruben Menten-Plesters

Ruben Menten-Plesters (1989) got his Master degree in history at the VUB in 2011. He graduated with a thesis called 'Uprising and rebellion in Gaul during the Roman Imperial Era.'. The subject was mainly the social, cultural and economical factors of the rebellions in Gaul. In 2012 he got his teachers' degree an in October of the same year he started working on a project that was started by Paul Erdkamp (VUB) and Koen Verboven (UGent). The goal of the project is to investigate the textile industry in Roman Egypt and different aspects thereof on a social and econmic level. It is within the framework of this project that Ruben Menten-Plesters is doing his PhD since the 1 of October 2012. He is also a part of the Roman Society Research Centre (RSRC), a research alliance between the VUB, UGent and the University of Kent.


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