Peter Scholliers

Peter Scholliers studied history at the Free University of Brussels (VUB) , where he obtained his PhD in 1984, with research on wages, purchasing power, index-linking and standard of living in Belgium during the inter-war period. He conducts research on the history of social inequality, the standard of living, wages and prices, and the material culture from 1800 to today. He lectures on these topics at the VUB and, occasionally, at the Università di Scienze Gastronomiche (Bra, Italy). From 1987 to 2000 he worked with the Fund for Scientific Research (FWO). In 2000 he joined the Department of History at VUB, is currently full-time professor and chair of the Department. He is co-editor of Food & History and Appetite, and editor of Food and Foodways and Food, Culture & Society. Until 2015 he was director of the research group FOST, and currently presides ETWIE (Technical Expertise, Scientific and Industrial Heritage).

Core publications

  • Patricia Van den Eeckhout & Peter Scholliers, 'The proliferation of brands: the case of food in Belgium, 189-1940', in Enterprise and Society, 13:1 (2012), pp. 53-84.
  • Kyri Claflin & Peter Scholliers (eds), Writing Food History. A Global Perspective, New York - London (Berg Publishers), 2012.
  • Peter Scholliers & Patricia Van den Eeckhout, 'Hearing the consumer? The laboratory, the public, and the construction of food safety in Brussels, 1840s-1910s', in The Journal of Social History, 44: 4 (2012), 1139-1155.
  • Peter Scholliers, 'Workfloor under Tension: Working Conditions and International Competition in Textiles', in: Lex Heerma van Voss, Els Hiemstra-Kuperus & Elise Van Neederveen Meerkerk (eds.), The Ashgate Companion to the History of Textile Workers, 1650-2000 (London: Ashgate, 2010) 679-701.
  • Peter Scholliers, Food culture in Belgium (Londen: Greenwood Press, 2008).
  • Peter Scholliers, 'Novelty and Tradition. The New Landscape for Gastronomy', in: Paul Freedman (ed.), Food. The history of taste (Berkeley: University of California Press, 2007) 332-357.


Topics for Bachelor's paper or Master's thesis

  • Business history
  • Labor and labor relations after 1800
  • Industrial archaeolgy and industrial heritage
  • Social inequality within and between countries
  • Consumption and goods after 1800
  • Food history


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