Eva Schandevyl

Eva Schandevyl obtained a Master in History at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel. In 1998, she received the R. De Bock-Doehaerd award for her Master's thesis. In 2003, she successfully defended her Ph.D. thesis, titled Tussen revolutie en conformisme. Linkse intellectuelen in België tijdens het interbellum en de vroege Koude Oorlog: een onderzoek naar hun engagementen, netwerken en denkbeelden. After that, she became a researcher at the research group BRIO, conducting research about migration and trade unions. Momentarily, she examines the social and political history of the Belgian magistracy from a gender oriented point of view (RHEA/JURI). She teaches in the Faculty of Law and Criminology.



CORe publicatiONs

  • Eva Schandevyl, Women in Law and Law-Making in Nineteenth and Twentieth Century Europe (London: Ashgate, 2014).
  • Eva Schandevyl, Tussen revolutie en conformisme. Het engagement en de netwerken van linkse intellectuelen in België 1918-1956 (Brussel: ASP Editions, 2011).
  • Eva Schandevyl & Oliver Haag, Rethinking the Nation in the Age of Diversity (special issue National Identities 12 (2010) vol. 4).
  • Eva Schandevyl, Sophie Bollen & Machteld De Metsenaere, In haar recht. Vrouwe Justitia feministische bekeken (Brussel: VUBPress, 2009).
  • Eva Schandevyl, 'Intellectuels belges en quête d'un nouveau socialisme: l'aventure des Cahiers socialistes (1944-1953)', European Review of History 1 (2006) 67-82.

Topics for Bachelor's papers

  • Intellectual history
  • History of law
  • Gender and diversity


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