Chairman: prof. dr. Ivan Bautmans -
Second contact: prof. dr. Ingo Beyer –

The Frailty in Ageing Research department conducts a comprehensive research program to untangle the underlying mechanisms and to develop interventions for prevention and rehabilitation of frailty in the aged.

  • Effect of physical training on immunosenescence (inflammation, senescent cells), sarcopenia (age-related muscle atrophy), dynapenia (age-related muscle weakness) and cognition: Senior PRoject INtensive Training (SPRINT)
  • Effect of inflammation on Sarcopenia and muscle weakness: Intervention with anti-inflammatory products; Role of infections in the elderly; Role of Advanced Glycation End products
  • Identification and characterization of senescent cells: T-lymphocytes; Influence of chemotherapy; Influence of corticoids
  • Motivational aspects of physical exercise and active ageing.
  • Early detection of dementia and mild cognitive impairment