This special issue of Cahiers Jean Cocteau, which was edited by our CLIC colleague David Gullentops, is devoted to the short films of Cocteau. The volume contains one article about each existing film in which technical details, the creation process and the nature of Cocteau's contribution are discussed.

Cocteau was already known as a poet, an actor and a director, but here he also appears as a journalist, a costume designer and an archaeologist.



Écrire Bruxelles / Brussel schrijven explores the various connections between the Belgian capital and literature since the 19th century. The book includes historical analyses of Brussels as a literary and political field of action as well as literary case studies that show the manifold ways in which the city has been imagined by authors from across the world, writing in Dutch, French, English, German, Italian and Spanish.

Edited and introduced by Daniël Acke and Elisabeth Bekers, the book also features articles by various other members of CLIC, including Dirk Vanden Berghe, Diana Castilleja, Thomas Ernst, Lesley Penné, Hans Vandevoorde and Marc van Zoggel. 




Imaginary Europes. Special Issue of Journal of Postcolonial Writing, eds. Elisabeth Bekers, Maggie Ann Bowers, Sissy Helff, ISBN-ISSN: 1744-9855, 2015.

This special issue reflects on previously overlooked literary and cinematographic imaginings of Europe from more distant and more peripheral standpoints, confirming the need for the continuing reexamination of the role of cultural imagination in (re)conceptualizing, the past, present, and future of Europe.



Émile Verhaeren joined the 'révolte anarchiste' in the 1890s and remained committed until the eve of World War I. This lesser known dimension of Verhaeren’s work is the subject of Émile Verhaeren Inédit by David Gullentops. It demonstrates how Verhaeren's political commitment is clearly present in the articles and poems that he wrote for libertarian journals but that were never republished until now, as well as in his unfinished and unpublished manuscripts, such as the play La Grand'Route and the novel Désiré Menuiset et son cousin Oxyde Placard