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"The fundamental aim of the EUNoM project is to create a sustainable network of Universities each of which either has or is willing, in the medium-term and in view of the results of the first phase of the network, to study ways of articulating an overall, multidisciplinary approach to multilingualism both in academic and organizational terms.
One of the functions of that position will be to assemble, from among the various components of the existing University structure, the various components of University teaching, research and practice which, together, will constitute a coherent programme of multilingualism and interculturalism. This means that the ‘earlier traditions and configurations’ referred to above will have to be modified.
The project seeks to outline the precise ways in which this modernisation of the University approach to the study of language and culture should occur. It involves addressing issues of curriculum as they pertain to labour market needs; the existing organisational structures; the possibility of developing integrated programmes; relationships to economic development, mobility and language learning; addressing a concern with social cohesion; and developing the network as a strategic priority. To a great extent this will involve a focus on the use of the new technology and the exploitation of the resources of the virtual campus."

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