Eight Terminology Seminar in Brussels (TSiB 2015)

Jointly organised by Centrum voor Vaktaal en Communicatie (CVC - Department of Applied Linguistics - Vrije Universiteit Brussel) and Termisti (Centre de recherche en linguistique appliquée, Université Libre de  Bruxelles)



 Terminology and Urban Centres: Communication Challenges


Friday 11 December 2015


Centre de congrès Amazone
Salle Héra (A 207)
10, rue du Méridien
1210 Brussels


Everyday life in large cities involves contact with a variety of languages in different communicative settings (e.g. work, education, health, transport, leisure or family life). Beyond considerations related to the status of each language and the speakers' proficiency, an issue that comes up daily is mutual comprehension between all citizens, in writing as well as in speech. While translators, interpreters or linguistic mediators may sometimes be called upon, one cannot dismiss all the situations where people must find creative ways to “do things with words”.

After the Centrum voor Vaktaal en Communicatie (CVC) was integrated into the Vrije Universiteit Brussel, the applied linguistics research centre Termisti has now joined its sister university, the Université Libre de Bruxelles. The two research groups, who collaborate in the social field in Brussels (cf. the Babeliris project), have decided to dedicate their joint seminar – TSIB 2015 – to reflecting on the foundations of their research from a pluridisciplinary perspective. This is why the specialists who will present their work will come from various backgrounds and disciplines.

The aim of this seminar is to gather speakers who, whether in Brussels or in other large cities, and whether as observers or participants, are in contact with issues of multilingual communication that require using specific terminology and are interested in developing a joint discussion.


9.30: Registration of participants
10.00-10.10: Welcome
10.10-10.50: Ward Van de Velde (Réseau des hôpitaux iris & ULB: TERMISTI):
Iris-Translate powered by OmegaT: Implémentation d’un système de traduction assistée au sein des hôpitaux du réseau Iris. Expérience de terrain.
10.50-11.30: Vanessa De Tobel (Brussel Onthaal):
Le Service d’interprétariat social de Bruxelles Accueil.
11.30-12.10: Nicolas Bruwier et Simon de Brouwer (SETIS):
Défis du quotidien: la professionnalisation des interprètes en milieu social au SeTIS Bxl.
12.10-13.30: Lunch
13.30-14.10: Benjamin Fauquert et Thierry Klein (ULB: École de santé publique):
L'ontologie SNOMED comme pivot entre le médecin généraliste et l'hôpital dans le cadre d'échange de données cliniques via le Réseau Santé bruxellois.

Max De Wilde (ULB: RESIC):
Improving Access to Cultural Heritage Through Linked Open Data

14.50-15.30: Steve Dept (cApStAn Linguistic Quality Control):
The notion of "national adaptation" in 3MC data collection instruments: complexity management.
15.30-15.40: Coffee break
15.40-16.20: Rita Temmerman (VUB: CVC):
Terminology for food and local products in Brussels.
16.20-17.00: Stéphane Plamont (ULB: ISTI):
De la perception de la subjectivité dans le cadre de l'interprétation de liaison en chinois.
17.00-17.15: Final summary



If you wish to attend this seminar, please register before 4 December
2015, by sending an e-mail to info[at]termisti.org. The attendance fee is 30
euros (20 euros for students), including lunch and coffee breaks.

The amount should be paid by wire transfer before 8 December 2015, to the Haute École de Bruxelles, with the following information field: “Termisti-CVC 2015 seminar: [Last Name] [First name]”. If you register after the deadline, we cannot guarantee that a seat will be available for you at lunch.

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