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Intercultural communication (ICC) skills are fundamental for the integration process of an immigrant/foreigner in a host country. As the 6th "Common Basic Principle" declares, "Access for immigrants to institutions (...) is a critical foundation for better integration". The main objective of this project is to offer concrete tools in several languages (English, French, Arabic, German, Turkish, Italian, Dutch, Polish) to facilitate the life of vulnerable ‘adults-in-mobility’ (AMs), as they interact with ‘adults-professionally-in-contact-with-mobility’ (ACMs) within institutional-bureaucratic systems.
The project, led by the Università degli Studi di Perugia, Italy, involves partners from Austria, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Malta, the Netherlands, Poland and Turkey. This project sets out to develop: blended training courses for interactional parties involved in ‘first-impact’ bureaucratic-institutional interactions. These courses revolve around a collection of real-life communication materials from a range of bureaucratic-institutional contexts from different countries (EU & candidate); blended courses for ICC trainers and facilitators; and a multilingual online depository of communication materials that can be used by educators as well as AMs and ACMs.
In collaboration with associated members (EMOL network in the Netherlands and CIDIS in Italy, to mention but two examples), thereby guaranteeing maximum impact, the partnership uses a range of sites and international events (World Congress of Comparative Education Societies, Argentina; International Forum on Learning, Malta; IPrA, 2011 International Conference, UK; international refereed publications: MRER; project’s and related EU websites: EVE) to disseminate its adult training products. The impact will produce an undeniable change, during and after the project, in attitude toward mutual integration and improve communication between migrants (AMs) and service providers (ACMs) facilitating also intra-European mobility.



Grundtvig Multilateral Project

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