Current projects


Constructing 'climate change': A comparative framing analysis of news media discourses on climate change in the Low Countries.

PhD student: Renée Moernaut

Supervisors: Jelle Mast and Martina Temmerman


The main objective of this project is to examine how climate change is framed in Flemish (Northern Belgian) news media discourses and NGO communication, with particular focus on how this framing evokes and relates to deep-seated cultural beliefs, myths and ideologies, including the anthropocentric-biocentric fault line. The case of Flanders is especially relevant since it is, next to the Netherlands, Europe’s most vulnerable region in terms of flooding due to sea level rise, a major concern in climate change science and politics. Besides, Belgium’s climate change policy is subject to strong internal controversy.

Our central research question is elaborated through three subdimensions: (1) local context, i.e. socio-cultural and political inflections; (2) media type, i.e. newspapers, online media and NGO communication, and the axes of mainstream/alternative, quality/popular, liberal/conservative; and (3) communicative mode, i.e. visual and verbal. Conducting an inductive-deductive framing analysis,  employing both qualitative and quantitative methods, we will reconstruct multimodal frames, and their cultural resonances, in media texts along these dimensions. As the literature does not provide a comprehensive multimodal analysis framework, we construct our own proposal, mainly drawing on framing research, (eco)linguistics, semiotics and Critical Discourse Analysis.

In order to do so, a sample of articles is drawn from three national newspapers, an alternative website, and an NGO (online) publication. This sample includes critical and more routine reporting of climate change-related topics in the period from February 28, 2012 onwards. 



Imagining femininity: A diachronic discourse analysis of women's identities and (partner) relationships as articulated in women's magazines and perceived by their readership.

PhD student: Maaike Van de Voorde

Supervisors: Martina Temmerman and Hilde Van den Bulck (University of Antwerp (UA))


In 2010, Maaike Van de Voorde already carried out the short exploratory research project ‘Wife, partner or soul mate. A critical diachronic analysis of the representation of women in their partner roles in women’s magazines’. In December 2013, Maaike was appointed research assistant at the same department again, where she will complete her research project in the context of a PhD.

Her research focuses on the representation of women’s identities and (partner) relationships in Flemish women’s magazines. Her study is threefold: in a first phase, she focuses on the textual representation of women and their partners by making use of a linguistic discourse analysis. In a second phase, she will also conduct a visual analysis of the images in the magazines. As Maaike is engaged in a joint PhD with the University of Antwerp, she’ll make use of the expertise of the research group Media, Policy and Culture to carry out this part of her research. Finally, she will also study the producers’ side of the publication of women’s magazines. By analyzing interviews with former and present editors, she’ll try to understand the mechanisms and processes used in the production of this specific type of magazines.



Journalism of Connectivity - How Social Media affect journalism practice, news coverage and public participation in the Netherlands and Flanders. 

PhD student: Cara Brems

Supervisors: Martina Temmerman and Marcel Broersma (University of Groningen (RUG))


This project studies the impact of social media on journalism practice and how this affects news coverage in the Netherlands and Flanders. We want to learn how reporters integrate social media in their daily news gathering routines and how this impacts their professional identity.

Furthermore we focus on the ways journalists and news organizations use social media in their news texts and publishing strategies; and how social media impact the content and form of news and information dissemination. This research aims to learn more about the way journalism is shifting from a mass media to a network communication paradigm and how this impacts the profession.



Finished projects



Het nieuws als verhaal. Onderzoek naar storytelling in nieuwsberichtgeving

Onderzoeker: Ine Van linthout


Een kritische diachrone analyse van de representatie van vrouwen in hun partnerrollen in vrouwenbladen

Promotor: Martina Temmerman

Medewerkers: Maaike Van de Voorde, Gys-Walt van Egdom



De burgerrechterlijk versus de deontologische fout in de journalistiek

Promotor: Koen Lemmens

Medewerker: Margo Merckaert 



 Interviewstijl en betekenisopbouw in journalistieke tv-interviews met politici

Promotor: Martina Temmerman

Medewerkers: Els Belsack, Maaike Van de Voorde


Deschouwer Kris, Temmerman Martina. 'Elite behaviour and elite communication in a divided society: the Belgian federal coalition formation of 2007'. Journal of Language and Politics - ISSN 1569-2159 | E-ISSN 1569-9862 - 11:4(2012), p. 500 - 520

Temmerman Martina. 'The representation of competence in newspaper interviews : a linguistic-pragmatic discourse analysis of the (self-)representation of journalists and politicians in written interviews', in Displaying competence in organizations : discourse perspectives, Pelsmaekers, Katja [edit.]; Rollo, Craig [edit.]; Hout, Van, Tom [edit.] - ISBN 978-0-230-28263-6 - Basingstoke, Palgrave Macmillan, 2011, p. 113-141

Temmerman Martina. 'Naming and framing in Belgian politics: an analysis of the representation of politicians and the political state of affairs during the 2007 government formation period in the Belgian press. Belgian journal of linguistics - ISSN 0774-5141 - 24:1(2010), p. 120-138



De belichaming van journalistieke waarden geproblematiseerd: een discoursanalyse van de articulatie van institutionele stemmen en identiteiten in de Vlaamse kranten

Promotoren: Martina Temmerman, Nico Carpentier (VUB)

Medewerker: Jo Bogaerts


Temmerman Martina, Trioen Marit. 'Idolatry versus authenticity: a lexical and systemic-functional analysis of the coverage of the World Youthe Day 2005 in the Flemish press'. Journal of Arab & Muslim media research - ISSN 1751-9411 - 2:3(2009), p. 183-202

Trioen Marit, Temmerman Martina. 'Patterns of inconsistency: naming and transitivity in the coverage of the World Youth Day 2005 in the Flemish press', in Faith and media: analysis of faith and media: representation and communication. Geybels, Hans [edit.]; e.a. - ISBN 978-90-5201-534-7 - Brussels, Lang, 2009, p. 71-102

Temmerman Martina. 'Today we're all Danes: argumentative meaning of the 1st and 2nd person pronouns in newspaper editorials on the Muhammad cartoons', L'analisi linguistica e letteraria - ISSN 1122-1917 - 16(2008), p. 289-303



Journalism across the communities. Vergelijking van VRT- en RTBF-tv-interviews met Nederlandstalige en Franstalige politici

Onderzoeker: Martina Temmerman


Temmerman Martina, Sinardet Dave. 'Same politicians, different journalists: political interviewing styles on Dutch-speaking and French-speaking public television in federal Belgium', Synergy - 4:1(2008), p. 39-58

Temmerman Martina, Sinardet Dave. 'Political journalism across the language border: communicative behaviour in political interviews by Dutch- and French-speaking journalists with Dutch- and French-speaking politicians in federal Belgium', Multilingualism and applied comparative linguistics: vol. 2: cross-cultural communication, translation studies and multilingual terminology. Darquennes, J. [edit.] - ISBN 9781847186706 - Cambridge, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2008, p. 110-138



Stijl in politieke interviews. Discoursanalyse van de VRT-tv-interviews in de verkiezingsperiode van 2004

Onderzoeker: Martina Temmerman


Temmerman Martina. 'Be neither in nor out: interviewing the journalist-politician Lodz Papers', in Pragmatics - ISSN 1895-6106 - 2:2(2006), p. 133-159



Europa in de media. Een onderzoek naar de Europese berichtgeving in de Vlaamse dagbladpers

Onderzoeker: Martina Temmerman